Spirit of the Mountain demo 2014

by Spectral Procession

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Written and recorded between Spring 2010 and Winter 2014.


released December 29, 2014

Logo by viewfromthecoffin.

Front cover photo taken by R.W. in the Whitegoat wilderness, 2013.



all rights reserved


Spectral Procession Langley, British Columbia

Spectral Procession is E.H. and R.W.

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Track Name: Arcane Realm
As rainfall descends the sky, the roots of ancient verdant pillars drink deep, absorbing the skyfall. Thriving sentinels of this forgotten land, where shadows reign beneath the branches of this sacred wooded citadel. A vast empire reaching towards celestial limits.

Moss blankets the earth where wild beasts have tread beneath the veil of fir and cedar, concealing an arcane realm. Shadowed wraiths dwell within this silent elder kingdom. Nameless chaos, a spectral procession seeking ascension.

As darkness veils the land, spirits blacken the sky.
Track Name: The Valley of 1000 Tears
Among the shadows of this desolate monument to time immemorial, the tears of gods descend the cliff-side. They cascade down the ashen stone, a constant dirge of sorrow, a silent deluge eroding the weathered archaic and windswept shrine.

And so they journey, a fell migration through the valley of 1000 tears. Traversing ancient corridors above long-buried tombs, in search of the throne of antler and bone.

The fire in their hearts drives them ever forward. A burning cosmic flame, a rite of ascension.
Track Name: A Desolation Song
In high passes, where stones rest, the cries of wolves echo down from mist-veiled ridges, piercing the soul, longing for the days of old. Ancient glaciers weep tears of ice. Elemental sorrow, silent mourning. The pillars of this majestic temple slowly collapse in ruin.

The guardians of the sacred mystic throne; elder reflections of an empire long forgotten. Forsaken by their ancient ritual, pale shadows of what they once were.

Haunted by astral memories, concealed, frozen in time, Armed with swords of flint and bone they wage eternal war.

Battles rage and temples fall throughout the ages. The wolves of winter sing a desolation song.

Wolven cries echo over lands erased by time and ice.
Track Name: The Watcher
Oh, behold the sorrow of these solitary peaks. Forged by the molten fist of ancient wrathful gods, vast and barren towers of ice adorned with the graves of frail and lesser beings.

Swords of ice rain through the darkest of chasms, piercing the throats of the weak. The watcher of the tower stands guard against the unworthy.

They struggle, a battle of will. The mind descends into despair. Merciless defeat, elemental triumph against mankind.

Perish! Perish! In eternal ice.
Perish! Perish! Your tomb awaits.
Track Name: Strength of Spirit
A hymn to the end of days. Forsaken spirit fades away. Cloaked in sorrow, a silent tomb awaits the ashen flesh. Solemn descent into the grave, we raise a burial shrine.

Hymns unsung, lost to memory. Ancient voices of the mountains. Windswept crags tower overhead, guardians of a knowledge lost.

Funereal chant. Horizon fades away.The flame slowly flickers out. Darkness closes in. Oblivion awaits. This spectral procession fades away.

Lay me down atop these peaks. I will reign this temple forever. O Death, embrace me eternally as roots envelop bone.

Lament the days gone by. Mourn our ruined kingdom. But praise the strength of spirit that reigns these peaks forever.